Issue One: Consumerism


Issue One is the visual exploration of 'Consumerism' and an ad-free independent art-only publication. 'Consumerism' is an issue that dominates today's society. We invited artists from around to world to showcase their thoughts on this issue and where they think it is leading society in six years time…

Consumerism was our chosen theme for the inaugural issue of 6YL. Heavily inspired by the DIY zine culture, we wanted to produce a publication that represented the thoughts and ideas of our contemporary creatives.

We decided to tackle the issue of consumerism because in this day and age, everything has a price. Our buying has increased exponentially with the supply and demand in a constant state of instability. We sell ourselves everyday; to win a job, make friends or money… Just so we can buy things we can (or can’t) afford. It’s all under the illusion that your life will be better or more fun or more luxurious or just.. easier.

We’ve invited artists from around the world, at whatever stages in their career they might be in, to give us their impressions of consumerism. We’ve managed to curate a range of artwork to critique consumerism from its present-day state to a loosely interpreted period of six years in the future; the unknowns of 2016!

“Civilisation is unbearable, but it is less unbearable at the top.”
Timothy Leary
(1920 – 1996)
American psychologist and writer